Administrative team: The “no dust” agency was recommended to me by a colleague and he didn’t promise too much. The interaction with my responsible manager and her colleagues is always very friendly and their response time is very short. Whenever I had to find a replacement for my cleaning lady (during holiday period) or had to deal with any other issue, they were very supportive and proactive. I highly recommend “no dust” – you and your apartment/house will be in very good hands. Cleaning lady: The service of my cleaning lady (cleaning + ironing) is of a very high standard and I am always very pleased with the result. In addition to that, she is a very nice person as well as reliable and flexible, also on short notice. I already recommended her to several of my friends and everyone is very happy. That being said, this high standard was maintained when other cleaning ladies (sent by no dust as replacements during holiday periods) took over for one-off appointments.


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