You must contact your social health insurance plan for self-employed workers. Your request must be submitted as of the sixth month of pregnancy and no later than six weeks after childbirth.
Since January 1, 2010 the limit has been fixed at 500 service vouchers annually per user. In fact, this means that a couple can order up to 1,000 service vouchers during the course of a calendar year (more or less 20 hours of weekly services).
Indeed, it’s possible to order up to 2,000 service vouchers per calendar year. This exemption is conceded to single-parent families – the physically disabled and parents of a minor who is physically disabled – elderly people receiving financial assistance.
Your service vouchers are valid for a period of 1 year. However, any request for exchange or refund will not be considered by Sodexo after this period of time.
Yes, as long as at the moment of your request, the validity date specified on your service vouchers has not expired.
For exchanging your service coupons, Sodexo will deduct € 1 per exchanged voucher.
For processed and refunded orders during the same year, Sodexo will deduct € 1 per order. Orders processed over the previous year will be refunded at 70% of their purchase value and € 1 will be deducted per order.
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