Dear colleagues,
Dear customers,

It is clear that the measures taken by the government to counter the risks of the Corona virus also affect our company. Simple solutions such as working at a safe distance, without protective equipment, are not sufficient.

We know that it has been a difficult period for everyone, with a lot of uncertainty. That is why we have made a drastic but very clear decision. Safety first. We want to protect the health of our employees and customers.


  • For our customers: We will temporarily suspend services to help contain the risks of the virus.
  • For our cleaning and domestic helpers: since Thursday 19 March they have to stay at home. We take care of all the administration for temporary unemployment due to force majeure.
  • Our office workers: they stay on post, but due to the influx of telephones and questions, they may be more difficult to reach than usual.

We are aware that this measure causes problems for a number of clients. That is why we are also looking for a solution for those people who are in exceptional or urgent need of help. We don't have such a solution today, but we are committed to offering it as soon as possible, provided that this can be done risk-free for our employees and customers.

We don't like to let you down, but exceptional times call for exceptional measures. We hope that this will only be necessary for a limited period of time.

In the meantime, we wish you good health and keep it safe!

Additional information for customers

Additional information for employees

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