FAQ Employees

Is the office open during this period?

The offices will be closed during this period because of the strict safety regulations. Contact via e-mail will not be possible during this period. However, we will remain available during office hours for any questions or problems on the usual telephone numbers.

What about my contract?

Of course you are still an employee with our company. Your contract remains valid, only services will be temporarily interrupted due to these exceptional measures.

What compensation will I receive?

For your safety and that of the customers, it has been decided to temporarily suspend the work. This will result in unemployment due to force majeure. The allowance provided for this has been temporarily increased to 70% of your gross salary (provisionally until 30/06/2020). In addition, you will receive an additional allowance of €5.63 per day. The government has temporarily increased the allowance ( currently until 30/6/2020) to 70% of your gross salary. However, we advise you to inform yourself well at your payment institution ( FGTB, CSC, CGSLB, or the CAPAC). They can inform you exactly about your specific situation.

Do I need to fill out a calendar with my hours during the period of suspension?

No, this is not necessary. During the period of suspension you do not have to fill out and submit a a calendar with your hours . After all, we know that you are not working. However, as soon as you are working again, you will have to fill in your calendar every week as before.

When can I get back to work?

For your safety and that of our clients, it has been decided to temporarily suspend the service during the period of strict measures. This period runs for the time being until 5 April 2020. Subject to an extension of these measures, we will therefore resume service from 6 April 2020. We will keep you informed and contact you when we will restart.

UPDATE : Due to the extension of the measures in the framework of Covid-19, we can NOT restart the service on Monday 6/4/2020. The restart is provisionally scheduled on Monday 20/4/2020.

What happens to my planned vacation during the period of temporary unemployment?

Given the many requests we received to cancel the vacation during the period of temporary unemployment, all vacation in this period will be converted to Temporary Unemployment Force Majeure. Unless you tell us otherwise, you will remain in temporary unemployment for the entire period and will receive an unemployment benefit of 70% of your gross salary.

What about illness and temporary unemployment Force majeure?

All cases of sickness during a period of temporary unemployment are at the expense of the mutual insurance company. For the days of sickness that coincide with the days not worked, you will receive a sickness benefit from the Mutual Insurance Fund. It does not matter whether you were ill before temporary unemployment started or only became ill during the period of temporary unemployment.
This means that you must contact your health insurance fund within 48 hours. Contact your health insurance fund about how to do this.

How do I apply for my payment during Temporary Unemployment?

With the extreme situation in which we find ourselves, for many of you this procedure is new. That is why we would like to give you a hand in how to proceed.
During the period of Covid-19 the procedure has been somewhat simplified so that there are now only two steps:

Step 1.

Fill in the document C3.2-WORKER-CORONA. If you are reading the document as a PDF you can click on the link, otherwise type the following address in your internet browser: https://www.hvw-capac.fgov.be/sites/default/files/assets/forms/c3_2_werknemer_corona_fill_0.pdf

Step 2.

Log in to a payout institution. In Belgium there are four payout institutions:

With the next three you have to be a member or become a member first:

We as a company take care of the registration with the RVA and the payment institution takes care of your document through the RVA. After step two everything happens automatically.

Questions or problems?

  • If you are a member of a trade union, please contact them by telephone. They will certainly be able to help you further.
  • If you are not a member of a trade union, contact the HVW, they will provide you with all the necessary information.
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